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Considering the Cost of Viagra

One of the main reasons generic Canadian Viagra is unlikely to save you very much money is because the brand name version is actually selling at a fairly low price. Since such large amounts of the pill are being produces, the manufacturer can offer it at a fairly low price while still making a profit. Also, competitors like Cialis and Levitra have kept their price low, which means Viagra also has to keep a lower price in order to stay competitive. This means the primary advantages of purchasing generic medication – saving money – is not there because generic manufacturers are not able to offer prices that are significantly lower than the name brand.

Safely Purchasing Canadian Viagra

If you are considering buying Canadian Viagra, there are few things you want to keep in mind. The most important is to make sure you are buying a real medication, not some herbal remedy that is unlikely to work at all. If you have found a source of generic Viagra, you might want to see if you can find information from an independent source that will let you know if it is a good pill or a bad one.

You should also use caution when purchasing generic Viagra online. There is always the chance that the website peddling generic Viagra is not a real site at all. In this case, the site will take your money without providing anything in return. In fact, if you find a site peddling either very cheap generic Viagra or very cheap real Viagra, chances are they are a scam. On average, even generic Viagra is going to cost around a pound per pill when buying online. In the end, the choice of purchasing a generic or brand name pill is one you dual will have to make. It is important, however, to make this choice after gathering as much information as possible.

Some interesting facts

Men are obsessed with their penises, perhaps more than their women. Ways to increase length, girth, inclination, complexion and pretty much every other spatial quality are the most common queries we get on this site. So you can imagine the fear that impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) must strike in the errr… heart of men. Erectile dysfunction or impotence is the inability to get an erection or maintain one during sex. Till 1983 it was believed to be a psychological problem until a penis injection demonstration put that misconception to bed. So imagine the collective elation of the entire male population when Pfizer patented a drug called Viagra in 1996, a diamond-shaped blue pill that could give you an erection! The drug basically works by opening up blood vessels to the penis so that blood can flow easily, creating harder erections which last longer.
Canadian Viagra is meant for men who have been diagnosed by a doctor to be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction. If sexual performance is unsatisfactory due to reasons other than ED, studies have suggested that it has no discernible effect and also might lead to dependency where frequent users find it hard to get an erection without taking it. The drug should be taken in the exact dosage and frequency the physician has recommended.